Ironman tattoo design

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Ironman tattoo design

Thought it would be fun to share some unique projects that I’ve worked on that are not photography related!  Plus triathlons in general have been on my mind as a few of my “mom friends” from our co-op have bravely trained for and succeeded in their first triathlon this weekend!! Perhaps an Ironman marathon will be in their future one day!

One such design request was to design an Ironman tattoo for one of my clients who is of course – an amazing Photographer/Ironman himself.  To be fair, he did get a tattoo in the end after much waffling….. but I have NOT seen it. 😉  No clue if he went with one of these in the end or with a Tasmanian Devil or some other from ‘the book’ artwork.  Had a blast regardless of it’s permanence!

Here are some of the idea sketches.  If you are an Ironman looking for a tattoo idea….. please email me if you want to use this !! hehehe would be fun to know.

graphic design

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