Vector Logo illustration for E1

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Vector Logo illustration for E1

I was asked if I could help edit/create a logo for a group of Texas A&M University Galveston Maritime Academy engineering majors.  One of them is the son of a beloved photographer client of mine so of course I wanted to do anything I could to help them out!

A friend of theirs drew the eagle and then they painted it – and hung it on their wall.  They wanted to add crossed wrenches and a marine propeller to it. All they had was a photo of the wall painting of an eagle with their name E1. They wanted to use it in print and knew that they needed a proper vector logo created. It was an intricate process….. but I literally redrew the eagle from scratch in Adobe Illustrator, then the E1.  Next, we discussed what type of wrenches they were after and that they wanted them to be crossed. There are a lot of different wrenches out there!! They also sent the propeller they wanted too because honestly, what do I know about props?! They are different to airplane props I’m sure.  This was a fun challenge and I’m glad to help these young men with their awesome marine business! Best of luck Allen and crew! 🙂

Graphic Design Vector Logo

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