Since Chad comes from a film background and has spent many hours in a darkroom back in the day … he brings this experience to today’s digital photography in this simple analogy:

Raw processing is the wet side – the developing of the image to it’s best potential.

The retouching is the dry side – the finesse work – adding the sparkle and drama to make a print into something extra special.

For many images, retouching involves less romantic tasks such as fixing:

  • spots from forgetting to clean your sensor or lens; or from drops of rain during your shoot
  • telephone poles or jutting objects attached to your bride and groom’s heads
  • removing sweaty partying sheen from faces
  • whitening teeth … or even removing exposed dental work in the smiles of happy brides
  • removing that day after dark baggy look under the groom’s eyes
  • and so much more…

Chad guarantees that you will be totally happy with your final files – if something needs nudging in a different direction, he’ll do so at no charge until met with your complete approval.

If you are interested in some complimentary test files and to talk to Chad about your needs, please contact us!

BEFORE and AFTER Examples

(as shot > after raw processing > final retouched version)

We suggest that seeing your OWN before and after examples is more realistic and beneficial for you because you can see it full size and up close and personal.

Please keep in mind these images are compressed for web viewing and do not represent the quality of the actual files.


AS SHOT: In this example you can see the the image as shot was underexposed / flash did not fire.

RAW PROCESSED: We can usually recover quite a bit in raw. As you know sometimes we can end up with some noise, lack of detail etc. This is where we can do more in Photoshop to help.

CREATIVE EDIT:  Here, we can do some tonal contrast, color grading the image, giving a nice warm appearance, recovering some of the deep shadows in the eye sockets to help bring out their features, dodge/burn etc.

Retouching Before After Example by HappyFish


AS SHOT: In this example you can see the image just needs a little fine tuning in raw.

RAW PROCESSED: Just the basics here, this is what we hope for – nice color, contrast – making the image a little richer.

CREATIVE EDIT:  While we might love the swimming boys in the scene, mom decides she would like only her daughter in the shot.

Retouching Before After Example by HappyFish