Raw Processing

What makes the color correction and raw processing service with HappyFish so different from other companies?

The answer is simple – direct one-on-one individualized attention to your images and your photographic style.

Chad works with you HIMSELF … always. We do not believe it re-outsourcing your outsourcing to a staff of minions to increase our bottom line. He takes the time to get to know your personal preferences and work with you to create the best result for your needs.  We have been asked many times why don’t we hire this out and grow bigger; we have old-fashioned pride in a job well done and we enjoy the relationships with our clients that much that we would miss that!!

Chad guarantees that you will be totally happy with your final files – if something needs nudging in a different direction, he’ll do so at no charge until met with your complete approval.

If you are interested in some complimentary test files and to talk to Chad about your needs, please contact us!

We suggest that seeing your OWN before and after examples is more realistic and beneficial for you because you can see it full size and up close and personal.  Contact Chad to discuss.