W e have been blessed with having the most sincere and fun clients; we always look forward to our next creative adventure together.  Life is short – love what you do and who you work with!

Hear what some of our clients have to say about their HappyFish experience:

I absolutely adore working with Karen!  

At our studio, it’s just my husband and me.  We can’t do it all, and when we were looking to outsource album design, we were fortunate enough to find Karen.  

When it came time to find a new designer for our marketing needs, we tried a couple different designers, but became frustrated by them not “getting” what we wanted.  My husband said, “What about Karen?”  A light bulb moment!!!  We’re so happy with everything she’s done.  She knows exactly what I need, and — despite my sometimes muddled messages and unclear direction — delivers amazing designs that capture the sentiment I’m going for!  Her designs are crisp, beautiful, sentimental, and perfect!  She goes above and beyond for us, too, making sure we get our true message to shine through!

Karen is amazing and is a natural at creating marketing pieces that work. We love using her creative talent for our postcards, flyers, brochures, prices lists, and email marketing pieces!  Plus she’s fun to work with!  We genuinely love her!

Kathy Shangraw Clique Photography, Illinois
OM-GOODNESS!! You are incredibly talented!!!! You nailed it!  Michelle and I are floored. Thank you for your hard work, I know that you have dedicated a lot of time to this.
Cole Hatcher Fiction Author
My husband and I worked with Happy Fish Design for our wedding album and it was an absolute pleasure! Karen was beyond helpful, thorough, knowledgeable, and above all extremely kind. She immediately provided us with all our album options and a detailed description of the difference between the options.

She made the photo selection process as easy as it could possibly be as well. I was unsure about the leather color I wanted to use for the albums so she mailed me two samples so I could be 100% sure. She was so prompt and on top of communication – replying to our emails, questions, and requests very quickly.

We needed our wedding albums prior to Christmas, as two of the three albums were gifts to our parents. She made sure that we received our albums before the holidays and we actually received them earlier than expected! She oversaw the complicated shipping for us and followed up immediately.

The albums turned out BEAUTIFULLY! The layout and design is perfect and the quality of the pictures is impeccable. The leather and imprinting on the cover is exactly what we wanted. We know our parents, and anyone who looks through our album, will be blown away by her amazing work! Thank you Karen & Happy Fish for all your help and hard work!! You turned our special day into a forever memory – we are so appreciative!

Molly & Tommy Wedding Couple with signed photographer release, California
Just returned to my office this morning and I received the  album.  It is so beautiful and it came out beyond amazing!!  I could not of asked for a more beautiful memory of my son’s  wedding…. I love the calendar as well. You are just amazing.
Danny Weiss Studio Mother of the Groom
Thank you so much you have instantly made my life easier.  I wish I discovered you before.
Michael Giragosian Michael Giragosian Photography, Florida
Literally breath taking. Absolutely perfect. Karen, you are so good at this. Honestly. You are noticeably and clearly more talented than others in your field. It’s just that simple.
Tara Morris T.Spoon Photography, Massachusetts
The albums arrived last night and I wanted to send a large, sincere THANK YOU! They look amazing. Truly wonderful and I can’t wait to show the couple. The are going to love it!
Zack Krelle Zack Krelle, California
Karen and her team were ABSOLUTELY amazing! I can’t believe how quickly she was able to put together the perfect album for my bride. Not only was Karen accommodating in every manner possible but she went above and beyond by calling my album company for me when I didn’t have time as well as delivering a perfect layout the very first time. My bride loved it so much the first time – we didn’t need to make any changes. That has never happened to me before! Karen and her team were quick, delivered a superior product and most importantly had impeccable customer service. I will definitely look forward to working with Karen again and she has now become my sole choice for design work when it comes to my albums.

Thanks so much Karen!!

Erin Beth Erin Beth Photography, Utah

Karen taught me everything I know about customer service — and I’m not just saying that to be nice.

  1. She treats her customers like they’re her favourite client (although I’m SURE I really AM her favourite client!)
  2. She return calls and e-mails immediately
  3. She’s warm and fun on the phone and always seems to have endless time to talk about my projects– although I know she couldn’t possibly.
  4. If communicating by e-mail, she throws in lots of 🙂
  5. She’s reliable. When she says the album will be done in two weeks, the album is done in two weeks.
  6. She’s m..e…t…i…c…u..l…o…u…s detail oriented and double checks everything– which, for me, is probably the biggest reason why I keep hiring her.
  7.  She works really, really hard. Sometimes I get e-mails from her in the wee hours of the morning
  8. She’s fair and has never overcharged me for her services
  9. Every aspect of her business is completely professional– website, letterhead, blog, logo– even the Happy Fish DVD’s of the clients album layouts are lovely.
  10. She never gets mad at you for fiddling with her album designs
  11. She’s fun!
    Monique Dykstra Studio Iris Photography, Quebec, Canada
Thank you so much for being such a positive life force! From the first time I’ve contacted you to delivering the final product you have been nothing but positive and helpful. With juggling 50 things at once as a wedding photographer – you’ve taken out a lot of the stress out of album design. That’s priceless. I look forward to working with you in the future.
Annie O'Neill Annie O'Neill Photography, Pennsylvania
Karen and Chad at Happy Fish were an absolute pleasure to deal with, Karen’s professionalism but comfortable way of communicating with me was superb! She displayed some tough love at times but the proof was in the pudding and my album was just like I envisioned it to be!  Fantastic work and a breeze to deal with!  I could not recommend them enough A++!
Greg Isaacson Photography Greg Isaacson Photography, South Africa
The album arrived Friday at the office, so we were able to drive by yesterday and pick it up. It is FABULOUS! I love it. That cover looks so cool. My mom could not stop saying “Oh My Gosh, this is beautiful”. So you have two very happy and impressed ladies. One last time, thank you SO MUCH for everything. You’ve been fantastic to work with we are thrilled with the result.
Kasey Cambridge, Massachusetts
I absolutely loved working with you, really enjoyed the one on one personal service that is so rare these days, and feel like you’re a very talented woman. I’m very grateful I have found you and Happy Fish. Your work is outstanding and you’ll be hearing from me again, soon.
Tara Morris T.Spoon Photography, Massachusetts
I don’t think you could have done anything differently to be better. Everything was perfect! You really listened to what we wanted and the design style we wanted to capture and stayed true to that. The end resulted in a gorgeous album that our client was thrilled about! She didn’t make one single change or alteration to the design. We couldn’t be more pleased. Everything about our experience was fabulous and we loved the personal attention we received. We tried another design company before and they didn’t not stay true to our style or wishes so you guys just blew us away. Thank you so much!!!!! We will definitely be using you all again in the future.
Melanie & Bradford Watson La Dolce Vita Studio, Florida
I can’t tell you how happy we are with this. It’s really stunning. I usually like to try to provide some concrete feedback for changes, but honestly, there’s nothing I can think to change. It’s really perfect. In fact, I kept forgetting that I was supposed to take notes. The design, while being strong, fades into the background and let’s the evening take the center stage.
Keith & David Wedding Couple with signed photographer release
I love Karen, with Happyfish. One of the best album designers in the US. Can’t wait to get my new two-toned Finao album. 🙂
Debra Kapustin Debra Kapustin Photography, Florida
Quote from her bride after receiving her album: “I just wanted to let you know that the albums arrived yesterday, and they are spectacular.  I never could have imagined just how beautiful these books would be.  Thank you so much for documenting our wedding so perfectly; the album really tells the story well, and looking through it feels like reliving the day. “
Felice Boucher J. Felice Boucher Photography, Maine
These guys rock, If you haven’t tried them you’re missing out. Just sayin!
Jeff Poole indigosilver, North Carolina
Thank Goodness for HAPPYFISH DESIGN!
Jamie Vitale Jamie Vitale Photography, New York
I’m so happy with the album and my experience with HappyFish. You handled everything in a timely professional manner. The design of the album is stunning! Thank you! I will definitely call on you in the future.
Dawn Bernard Dawn Bernard Photography, Virginia
Karen was a dream come true for me! As I’ve been getting busier and busier I realized there was no way to keep designing albums and keep my sanity in check. I looked around a long time for a designer I thought would be a good match and Karen’s designing skills and warm personality really stood out. The first book she created was stunning…there was absolutely nothing I’d want to change. I feel comfortable and happy knowing my photography is in great hands. I’m so excited for her to design all my albums in 2009 and beyond!
Tracy Turpen Tracy Turpen Photography, South Carolina
My experience with you – it has been nothing but fantastic, and I’m so looking forward to working with you again. I felt like you immediately understood my style, and the customer service was amazing. I always want everything to be so perfect for my brides that I have a hard time letting go of any task. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to find someone who cares as much as I do about the quality of my products and the beauty of the work.
Carisa Chee Carisa Chee Photography, North Carolina
Working with you was amazing!!! I don’t think you could have done anything better cos you were already perfect! Services you could offer – since you are so good at design perhaps branding services would be a nice idea! I can’t wait to work with you again!
Bola Abodunde Onada Photography, New Jersey
You are a complete joy to work with and I am thrilled with my new logo! Thank you for listening to me and understanding what I needed, for asking the good questions, and for using that special creative gift you have. You went above and beyond! Thank you.
Martha Manning Martha Manning Photography, North Carolina
You were such a pleasure to work with and I so appreciated your willingness to make all of the little changes that my client requested. You truly went above and beyond to meet our time schedule and to keep my client happy with numerous changes. You are very creative, but were wonderful about working within the parameters of what my client was requesting, though it wasn’t exactly the way you would have designed. I look very forward to working with you again, as there are very few people these days that provide the wonderful customer service and have the patience and kindness that you are so gifted with.
Mary Ann Elston Mary Ann Elston Photography, Louisiana
I don’t know if Karen Dahlquist works 24 hours a day or if it just seems that way. If she does, she’s incredibly well adjusted, because not only does she get back to you right away if you have questions, but she’s so very pleasant when she does. I can be easily flummoxed by current technology:

“Although I’m really old, Karen, you’re going to have to talk to me like I’m five years old.”

But Karen doesn’t. She patiently explains everything and the job goes smoothly and quickly. It’s a pleasure working with her. She is one of those people you want to go have coffee with. And did I mention the beautiful design work she did to make my photography look even more expensive than it is?

Jay Goldsmith Jay Goldsmith Photography, New Hampshire
I enjoyed working with you on the Jones album. You made my first experience with album design completely seamless. Will definitely be sending you more projects in the future! Thanks Karen.
Stacie Batiste Urban Infusion, San Franscisco, CA
I can’t tell you how much we’ve appreciated all your hard work and attention to detail! You are a fabulous designer and wonderful person! My clients did not have any changes because the design was fantastic. Thank you for taking the time to figure out our specific design tastes and being so open to our thoughts! I can’t wait to send you more albums! We’d highly recommend you to anyone!

Thank you so much again!

Katrina and Andrew Sedona Bride, Arizona
I just wanted to let you know our Asukabook just arrived and it looks spectacular!!!! We are so happy with it and can’t wait to start making them for our clients!! 😀 The EX Laminate was definitely the way to go, it’s so elegant! Thanks for the advice 😉 hank you very much Karen, you did a GREAT job with everything, the design looks even better in print (which is hard to imagine since it already looked spectacular on screen!!)

Thanks again!!!

Melisa Conde ALTARE Wedding Photojournalism, El Salvador
Thank you for your design work-it is respectful of the images and of my personal style as a photographer. And you run your company in such a professional and efficient manner. It’s the best of both worlds-artistic and business!
Julia Russell Julia Russell Photography, New Hampshire
Every business owner could learn from Happy Fish’s customer service. I’ve never worked with anyone as attentive or responsive as Karen. Her thoughtful designs have changed the way I view wedding albums, and I am now proud of making books I think every couple would be thrilled to have.
Ben Chrisman Chrisman Photography, San Fransisco, California
Yes we are two, or including our client, three happy fish clients. You came to my rescue, in a very tenuous period of the album design endeavour.I knew what I wanted but did not know where to begin looking for this person! From a referral, I contacted you, and with your persistence, you rescued me from almost giving up on a particular album layout. Finding the right person to collaborate with the design of an album is the biggest roadblock! But you seemed to understand what I wanted,with very little discussion, sent me several page layouts, and we quickly put it all together, or YOU quickly put it all together, from design , to uploading to our album publisher, to delivering it to my door. We could not have been happier! You saved us time and money and having this product outsourced is definitely the way to go, and, the coffee table album IS, the way to go!
Lou & Don Byrne Byrne Photography, Illinois
I was extremely happy with the service and design. I like working with people that stay in constant communication to ensure everything goes smoothly. I am already prepping a few more album orders to be designed!
Jeff Hemmerlein Hemmerlein Photography, Indiana
Karen Dahlquist ROCKS!! I recently had her design a digital sample album. Not only was it fun to work with Karen, but she had a quick turnaround time and the layout was perfect. I looked at the design… and looked at it… and looked at it again to see if there was anything I could or would change. Nope. Nothing. Nada. Right off the bat she gave me a product that was exactly what I want to show my clients! Probably the biggest bonus is that I now have more family time and time for running my business. I will definitely be using HappyFish for my future albums and look forward to working with Karen again. Thanks Karen!
Audra Colpitts Audra's Photography, British Columbia, Canada
Karen is very precise and easy to work with. I felt immediately that she knew the look I was going for, and I have been so excited and pleased with the final designs, as have my clients!
Berit Bizjak Images by Berit, Inc., New Jersey
Outsourcing my album designs was probably the smartest business decisions I’ve made in a long while. It has allowed me to spend more time on the aspects of my business that I actually enjoy (designing albums not being one of them). I’ve worked with several album designers and Karen’s work simply stands out. Her designs are always fresh, never predictable. I love that she doesn’t work with template programs. In addition, she’s FAST, but not at the expense of quality. What more could you want. Probably the best thing about working with Karen, though, is working with Karen. She’s so easy to work with and really takes the time to understand what I’m looking for. As a result, the designs she does for me look nothing like the designs she does for other photographers. They are truly John Riedy albums. Karen ROCKS!
John Riedy John Riedy Photography, California
Within minutes of talking to Karen I knew I had found someone special. She just immediately got me. Figured out my approach to photography and how I would want the design of my albums to reflect that. She is a great listener who can translate ones ideas to great design and also comes to the table with her own thoughts. Of course, those are the ones that invariably raise the quality of the design. Her albums are clean and confident. They feel at the same time current and timeless. I feel super lucky to have found her and plan on keeping her very busy! (written in 2006; update in 2012 on facebook: “I would not exist as a business without Chad and Karen.
Danny Weiss Danny Weiss Photography, New York
I LOVE IT, LOVE IT LOVE IT. You have done such an amazing, fantastic, wonderful job!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!! And oh, you were SO quick!!! There is nothing I want to change about it….it is perfect!! Once again, you have blown me away. I can’t wait to do more of these with you!!!!
Vanessa Jones Vanessa Jones Photography, Ontario, Canada
I just wanted to send you a little thank-you note. I must say that I am so happy with the first album you designed for me. There will be many more to come! I remember when you first sent me the link to the design online…I was so excited looking through all of the pages. Every single page exceeded my expectations. You are a very talented designer! It’s exactly what I was looking for. I’ve also been very impressed with the way you conduct your business. I just like how you have everything streamlined through the web. It makes it easy to communicate and review the page layouts. Keep up the amazing work! I’m looking forward to working with you on future projects.
Marcus Sark Marcus Sark Photography, Michigan
Karen ROCKS!!!! I can’t wait to see what kind of reaction I get from the brides.
Neal Jacob Neal Jacob Photography, Virginia
HappyFish and Karen are just wonderful and probably the best business / time saving decision that I made this year. Being someone that does not like to give up any control, it was hard to pull the trigger… no matter how much time I needed to save. With Karen’s promptness, kindness, cheerful attitude and WONDERFUL design skills, I want to kick myself for waiting so long. I can not tell you how much confidence it brings me to know that whenever we are pressed for time, or just want another perspective on album design, Karen and HappyFish are right around the corner to save the day! 🙂
Brian & Michele Hinz Hinz Photographic, Arizona
Thank you for making such an amazing album to make our wedding memories last a lifetime. Your work is amazing and working with you is even better!! You created the perfect album for us and really embraced the emotion of such a special day. Thank you! Thank you! Some comments about our experience:

  • We are extremely happy with the final product
  • Karen listens well and really tries to understand your style while discussing your pictures and your idea of the album
  • Karen was excellent in seeing the issues I felt could be changed or giving better ideas, I LOVED how she would find issues and give me options before I could even spot them.
  • Karen was great about staying in communication and letting me know her time frame. The time frame was something we agreed upon in the very beginning, she really takes her time and is very thorough
  • My wedding was in Hawaii so I wanted the style to be bright and fun and not formal black/white designs. This was why I chose Karen because she was open to doing something different and really saw the potential in my pictures like I did. I tried 3 other wedding album designers before her and I knew she was perfect for this from our first conversation.
  • She is very professional and also extremely personable. I felt comfortable asking her tons of questions she always got back to me right away.
  • I loved about her is that even though she is the designer she doesn’t get offended when discussing potential changes or if I keep changing my mind… which I did frequently! I really didn’t know what I wanted until i saw her creation…. it was exactly what I was looking for 🙂
  • Trust her opinions because she sees so many albums that she really knows what looks good and what will last a lifetime. I wanted an album that wouldn’t look outdated in 10 or 20 years. My album rocks!!
Jessica & Joseph Happy Couple from California with photographer signed release